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Not Your Granny’s Business School

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An online course written by a home cottage maker, for home cottage makers!

This course is for you if you have ever thought:

❓Do I need a business license?

❓How do I get my cottage food permit for my state?

❓How much do I charge for this product?

❓Am I charging enough?

❓How do I pay myself?

❓How do I figure out the cost to make of each of my products?

❓How do I keep track of my inventory?

❓How do I know how much to make for markets?

❓How do I sell my product in local retail stores?

❓How do I get sales from Instagram?

❓Do I need to make a website?

❓Do I need to be worried about taxes?

❓How do I sell more at markets?

❓How do I take better pictures of my products?

❓How do I balance being a parent and an entrepreneur?

❓How do I get over my fear of selling to real people?

❓How do I STOP overthinking everything and just enjoy the process?

Let me help you take the GUESSING out of starting and growing your home based food business. Trust me, this is unlike any “online class” you’ve ever had before. Let me help you maximize on the talents you already have and build upon what you already know! Let me be your Mr. Myagi, Yoda, Professor Dumbledore. Let me be your guide.

Course access begins June 19th! Get ready. Enjoy lifetime access to all pre- recorded course videos and materials! Also, enjoy FREE access to my exclusive Facebook group that will include regular live Q&A's, interviews with business professionals and a chance to interact with other students from the course!

Enroll NOW to lock in $599 pre-registration price.

Price goes up on July 1st!

More Information at


See you in class!

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⭐️ Easy to Use Financial Spreadsheets
⭐️ Short and Entertaining Informational Videos and Tutorials
⭐️ Downloadable Templates for Emailing and Responding to Customers
⭐️ Business Start Up Checklists
⭐️ “Hot Tip” Interviews with Business Professionals
⭐️ Bookkeeping 101 Checklist
And So Much More!
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Not Your Granny’s Business School

0 ratings
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